Banking and Financial

Banking and Financial

Banking & Finance sector is perhaps the first industry to experience the change brought by IT technology development. The increasing need for security and secrecy has forced the industry to look for innovative computing and infrastructure solutions. On the other hand the competitive nature of banking sector is making it difficult to cope with the increasing operation and maintenance costs.

What We Offer

  • Enterprise Information Services.
  • Integrated Multi-Channel System.
  • Data Integration/Information Services.
  • Process Management.
  • Customer Insights/Analytics.
  • Security Management and Governance.
  • Core and Internet Banking Solution.
  • Islamic Banking.
  • Mobile Payments.

The Safeline Tech Advantage

  • Totally customizable and tailor-made system at most competitive market rates.
  • Scalable system with value added features for enhanced security, performance and end user experience.
  • Easy integration of third party applications and modules without compromising the system integrity and security.
  • Innovative approach using RAID prototyping technology.
  • Knowledge transfer to the client for maintenance and future enhancements